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Hey, I'm Beth and I am the designer/ maker behind Realm. I am based in Leek, Staffordshire, U.K, working from my home studio.

Crochet is my passion and I love to make fun, colourful clothing and accessories often inspired by vintage designs. At collage when I was 18, I learnt to crochet and since then my love for it has continued to grow. I aim to make clothing/accessories that are eco-friendly, sustainable and have as little effect to the environment as possible. 


While studying at college I looked into the effects the fashion industry had on the environment. I was shocked at the amount that was wasted, thrown away and had a negative impact, during manufacture. This gave me a real passion to do my bit and change the way that I myself and other people think about the clothes we wear.

Realm is a one-woman brand trying to do its bit in the fashion revolution. Thank you to all my customers for supporting my passion and allowing me to do what I love!

Welcome to my studio space!!
In 2020 I moved house which meant I could have a full room to work from. It is my favourite place to be but definitely doesn't look this tidy 90% of the time!

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