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Sustainability pledge

It has always been very important to me that my business is sustainable and eco-friendly. When I started this business, that was my main aim. To create clothing that was fun and exciting but also be kind to the environment and the people making them (currently just me).


There is no such thing as a crochet machine! If you are buying crocheted clothing or accessories from fast fashion brands, I can guarantee that it will be made unethically by someone who is earning a fraction of what they should be. Crochet is a slow process with some of my designs taking up to 16 hours of constant work.

I aim to make little to no waste; any off cuts are kept to use in other projects and everything is made to order which means no mass product or waste. All yarn used is vegan friendly, no animal products are used for yarn. All orders are posted out in recyclable cardboard boxes with biodegradable tape and recycled shredded paper.


Everything is completely made by hand, the only thing I buy in is the T-shirts, which I then hand embellish with crocheted motifs. The T-shirts are sourced from a U.K based company, made ethically out of 100% organic cotton and with sustainable energy sources.

If you have any questions about my business please give me a message or email.

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